Master of Eternity: A Visual Treat

Every gamer knows that there are factors that contribute to a good gaming experience. It is the part of the game that brings us back to our childhood. a good storyline is everything. We'll be buying games using our konga coupon gift card then we wear the most comfortable clothes and spend the rest of the day playing until sleep finds its way to our tired eyes. An online game should have an amazing storyline, a great way to level-up, a fun method to interact with other gamers and one of the most important of all: a great visual in terms of character designs and their environment.


That's where Master of Eternity has an advantage over some of the most popular games nowadays. This SRPG or Strategy Role Playing Game mixes the Japanese anime aesthetic with the exciting game of defeating giant robots. Fortunately, there are many games nowadays that bring wonderful animations and aesthetic so the players can have a wonderful time while playing.


This mobile game requires an updated Android operating system or iOs. Released in the first few months of 2018, this game instantly became a hit in Asian countries like Korea and Japan. This turn-based game has a simple goal: in the galactic war, take the winning spot and defeat all the enemies using your own army of robots.

Master of Eternity has a simple premise. You are at odds between good vs evil. Playing this game is like walking in a sci-fi fantasy in full living colours. Get excited as this game is promising as the goedkoopste internet en televisie abonnement. If you are a gamer, you'll know what we are talking about. So, get your game face on. One thing that makes it stand out is that all characters in the game are females. They are called pixies. They serve as the mech pilots, or the robots you will use to defeat the evil in the game.

Your relationship with the character and mech is a vital part of the game. Through that, you can discover more about the story of the character and unleash its full potential. By levelling up your character, you can have access to their ultimate skill that can be useful whenever you are in a fight.

Just like many of the Japanese games, you can also use one of the dating sims so you can get into a relationship with other players. This can be helpful whenever you need some help or some items that you can't acquire by yourself.


There are over 200 suits in the game that you can acquire. They all have their different strengths like long-range attacks, higher damage stats among others. By having as many as you can, you will have the advantage of creating a fool-proof strategy whenever you are playing.

Using anime as its strong point, this game also has a novel-like narrative that tells a story full of action, and wit. You will not get bored playing the game because it feels like you are watching an anime. The only difference is you are the one creating the story.

If you get bored in doing all the campaigns, you can also play against other players. In this way, you can check how strong you are as compared to other players in the game.


This game is a wonderful mobile online game where you can test your strategic thinking. You should take advantage of the skills of your suits, and your pixies, to be able to win the war. All these while enjoying cute graphics, and animation, as if you are inside your own anime world.

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