What are the Sniper and Support Suits in Master of Eternity

Aside from Assault and Bombardier, there are two other types of suits that are very important in Master of Eternity. They are sniper and support. Snipers have massive damage and also long range. But mostly, they have low defense and HP that's why they need to keep their distance. Supports, on the other hand, rely on their skills to help their teams.

I have listed some of the suits that you should try in order to form a powerful team in the game.




This is an acceptable suit. It's real power relies on its second skill. It gives huge damage in a single turn. But the disadvantage is, it overheats the suit making it unusable. Overall, it is a pretty good suit to have.


Its main advantage is its mana burn which is useful if a game takes too long. Therefore, it will weaken the enemy. But the thing is, long games in Master of Eternity rarely happens. So it is not useful as of the moment. Also, its attack is very low, making it a questionable sniper since they should deal with the biggest damage.


The first thing that you have to know is it has low stats and its skills basically suck. But, it is a very situational suit especially if you pair it with the right pixie. Rachel works best in this suit because of her crit passive. If you are using it, please use this suit with Rachel.


This one is an average suit. Its good point is it can use its extra damage perfectly. But its second skill never misses so it's very useful when it comes to damage. However, its attack power is low compared to other snipers.



gameIf you have to choose one support, choose this one. Its most useful buff is the increase of movement of all your other suits. Also, it can heal other suits saving others that are on the verge of dying. Although it can only heal one suit at a time, it is still a very useful suit. This is particularly useful for your bombardier and sniper because it allows you to attack first.


Same as Elder, this one is a must have support. It has an Area of Effect heal that can help multiple suits at a time. Also, its extra movement can help in other parts of the game such as escaping or fighting with the boss.