What are the Bombardier Suits in Master of Eternity

Bombardier suits are meant to be your main source of damage. With a great tank, you can do some serious damage that can help you win a game. That's why it's important to choose the best one to raise because there are a lot to choose from. The following are some of the Bombardier suits in the game:


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For me, it is not a good bombardier. Although its first skill has a wide range and acceptable damage, its second skill is a bit odd. You can use it to drag enemy to your position so your other attackers can do the damage but putting you at risk in the process. Also, it has low attack and limited range. Its advantage is it has a high evade stats but this will be overshadowed by other suits.


This suit is a must-have. Although you might find its attack as lower compared to others, its skills make up for the low attack. One of its skills also decreases the movement of your opponent. Therefore, this suit is really deadly when you have it.

Xiao Chen

xiao chenThis is also a good bombardier suit to have. It can use its additional damage stats on its own. Since its corrode skill can be used for three turns, this suit can use the extra damage by itself. Although it is a good bombardier suit, it falls behind Muspel. One of the things you need to remember when using Xiao Chen is that the corrode resistance increases over time. Also, since its first skill has a narrow change, it is difficult for him to clear up by himself a large group in the game.


This suit is a great one to have because its first skill hits critical all the time, therefore, this is perfect to be paired with pixies that have passive that increases critical. The silence pulling of this suit is also useful. However, the challenge when using this suit is it has a narrow range so other bombardier suits are preferable.

Always remember that when choosing a suit, you should also take into consideration the pixies that will pilot your suit. Check the passive and match that to your suits' stats.