Who are the pixies in Master of Eternity?

One of the unique features of this game is it only has female characters called pixies. They are the ones who use suits and fight evil mechs. As their commander, your goal is to discover their strengths and use them to your advantage. The following are some of the Pixies in the game.



She’s the first pixie you’ll meet. But she’s definitely not that useful aside from her high HP. Her passive skills are almost useless as compared to the other pixies. It is recommended that you use other tank pixies in the game when you awaken one.


She’s very dependent on luck. Her passive has a chance to heal herself when hit by the enemy so it’s not surprising for her to not die during a game. But in reality, other pixies are better in healing than her.


She’s one of the most famous tank pixies. Her passive increases the defence and raises the HP of the suit. Her awaken skill protects all the members of the team by decreasing the damage taken by everyone.


She’s one of the famous assault pixies. Her passive heals all members and at the same time, increases her counter percentage.



She’s a tanker with great stats. Her defence and attack are very high. She’s great in fighting the boss.


Her stats are acceptable, and her skills are pretty much average. She also has a decent evasion percentage but there are other pixies with better stats than her.


She’s one of the top bombardier pixies. All of her skills deal a lot of damage to the enemies. Her awaken skill decreases the attack power of the enemies.


You should get her because you need her to get Rachel. Her stats are really low, and her passive is not useful at all. Most of her skills are not that great so it is seldom that people use her.


She’s a must have pixie. Her awaken skill has huge damage to the enemies aside from the fact that it never misses. She also has the ability to increase the critical chance. The only problem with her is she has low hp compared to the other pixies.


She’s a great damage dealer with above average stats. Although her hp is very low, her passive makes up for it by increasing her damage.


She can move while attacking three or more enemies if you invest skill points to her. This is very useful in fighting a lot of bad mechs. However, her damage is less than Rachel’s but she requires less CP so she’s more used by players.

There are a lot of other pixies in the game to discover. But you should get all the pixies so you can unlock more powerful characters later in the game.